Below lists all those who have helped contribute to the codebase of Apex, whether that's the base Apex codebase itself, or additional package development. A huge appreciation goes out to everyone's efforts, and please give the companies and developers listed below your support. If you've contributed to Apex and wish to be listed on this page, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

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Recent News

Apex v1.5 Released!
Auto-Install via YAML, Preloading, CRUD Scaffolding, Code ReOrganization, Import / Export between Packages, and more...
Apex v1.4.0 Released!
New Package Format, Service Providers and Adapters, New Theme Tools, and more
Apex v1.3.0 Released!
PHP 7.4, Docker, git Integration, 96.4% Test Coverage, and more!

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