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We are actively looking for cool ideas of packages / projects to develop. Have an idea, or need a specific package developed that you're having trouble finding elsewhere? Drop a message on the Reddit forum and let us know!

Your idea may get developed free of charge and open sourced, or maybe will be developed and released commercially for a small license fee, or maybe will spawn a great discussion and even better ideas! If your idea is picked up, it will be listed on the Projects page.

Jump in and share your ideas! Don't be left behind, get modern and professional with Apex!

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Apex is a powerful and innovative open source PHP based software platform that utilizes the latest technologies and methodologies. Through its intuitive design, Apex provides you with the ability to quickly and efficiently develop, deploy and maintain professional and robust online operations. Whether it's a simple portfolio site for a local business client, a complex operation with large user base, or a software product that is sold to thousands, look no further than Apex!


Although too many too list, below are some of the major highlights of Apex.

  • Modern -- PHP v7.3, PSR compliant, built-in support for redis and horizontal scaling via RabbitMQ, Composer, dependency injection, web sockets, and more!

  • modular Customize Apex to your specific needs, within seconds install any package from the Public Repository, or develop your own!

  • Themes -- No more spending hours on over-complicated theme structures. With Apex, grab any theme off ThemeForest, and integrate it within an hour. Check out the Theme Library for a list of already integrated themes.

  • ThemeForest Integration -- Designers, Apex fully integrates with ThemeForest! Join now, integrate your themes, and gain more sales and exposure without breaking your exclusive Envato contract.

  • Github Integration -- With full integration with any Git service take advantage of the collaboration and project management functionality of Github, along side the efficiency and structural integrity of Apex packages.

  • Easy to Learn -- With its intuitive design, Apex is a snap to learn! Check out the Training Guide, and get started!

  • Developers, Earn money! -- Develop packages, mark them as commercial, set your own price, and earn money every time the package is downloaded. Sign up now for your free developer account, and get started!

  • Open Source -- Check out the Github repository, jump in, and help contribute!

Quick Start

Get up and running within minutes! Assuming you already have a LINUX server at your disposal, installation couldn't be easier.

composer create-project apex/apex webroot
cd webroot
./apex install webapp users transaction support

Ensure your HTTP server points to the /public/ directory of the Apex installation, and visit your new site and administration panel.

Encounter problems? For full installation instructions, including server requirements and a Docker file, please visit the Installation Guide of the documentation.

Donate / Contribute

Apex needs your support, especially during this crucial stage. Please, share APex amongst social media, and contribute if you can. Visit the Donations page for further information.