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Apex Software Platform -- Powerful, Clean, and Simply Works

Powerful, Clean, and Simply Works

Apex is a powerful open source PHP based software platform allowing you to efficiently develop, deploy and maintain professional and robust online operations.

Apex Software Platform

Apex is an open source PHP based software platform with many advantages:

  • Modular design, get up and running instantly with a quality system customized to your specific needs. Check out the Public Repository for a list of currently available packages.

  • Follow the few simple steps in the Installation Guide, and be up and running within minutes.

  • Modernize with built-in support for redis, horizontal scaling via RabbitMQ, dependency injection, web sockets, PSR compliance, and much more!

  • Go through the Training Guide. and quickly learn all aspects of Apex development within hours.

  • Check out Apex on Youtube with the Demo Installation video and the Introduction video
  • Completely open source, and check out the Github repository for the full codebase.

  • Join the Developer Program, earn money by publishing packages to the public repository, or start your own repository for your commercial code / clients.

  • Have questions, feedback or suggestions? Drop a message on the Reddit Forum, and let us know!
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