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Web Designer Needed!

Currently looking for a quality web designer willing to become the defacto designer for the Apex Software Platform. Volunteer to start, but naturally this will almost instantly lead into good paying contract work. You will also be named as the lead designer for Apex, providing you with additional name recognition. When ever clients come through that require design work, you will have first rights of refusal, meaning all contacts get offered to you and are only provided to other designers after you have refused them.

Long story short, I went blind 2.5 years ago. Nothing disease related, and simply hit my head in the wrong spot. I've developed Apex 100% myself, but I am unable to do the design work anymore as I can no longer see the screen. That's why if you view things such as the Administration Panel or even this web site I'm sure, you will see various design flaws, there are no graphs or charts within the administration panel, etc.

This is where you come in. Need a designer to go through, fix up the design flaws, ensure a quality default public site and member's area theme are included with the default installation, and so on. You will be able to place a link to your design company / portfoilio on all default themes that ship with a link stating, "Designed by...", plus again will have first right of refusal on all commercial contracts that come through the pipeline.

Become part of an amazing software platform that will help thousands of online businesses, developer, designers, and end-uers! If the designer position interests you, please send an e-mail to [email protected].