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We are actively looking for cool ideas of packages / projects to develop. Have an idea, or need a specific package developed that you're having trouble finding elsewhere? Drop a message on the Reddit forum and let us know!

Your idea may get developed free of charge and open sourced, or maybe will be developed and released commercially for a small license fee, or maybe will spawn a great discussion and even better ideas! If your idea is picked up, it will be listed on the Projects page.

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What is Apex?

The main mission of Apex is to provide a platform allowing for the development of quality online software operations with the ease of a "plug and play" system that simply works, while offering the flexibility allowing you to develop as desired. Apex is mainly designed for high quality online operations that require an administration panel, public web site, and many times a member's area. With over 18 years of practical experience in the online business world, Apex contains all necessary functionality to develop, deploy, and maintain quality online operations with efficiency and quality.

  • Modern -- Built in support for redis, horizontal scaling via RabbitMQ, remote file storage, dependency injection, PSR compliance, and more, you can rest assured knowing you're utilizing the latest methodologies.
  • Modular -- Features "plug and play" packages which can be instantly installed and removed, all of which seamlessly integrate and work with each other, allowing you to easily customize each software system to your exact needs without bulky and unecessary features.
  • Easy to Learn -- Great lengths have been taken keep development clean and concise, while retaining a high degree of quality and flexibility. Check out the Training Guide and learn to develop Apex packages in no time!
  • Repositories -- With full repository support, take advantage of all the code available on the public repositories, share your code with others, or easily start your own private repository to host your commercial code for clients. Version Control -- Hands free version control with the upgrade system, allowing you to concentrate on enhancements without keeping track of every modification made. Instantly push upgrades out to the world with ease. Also supports rollbacks. Theme Integration -- Easily integrate any theme found on the internet within 30 minutes, or instantly download and install an existing theme from a repository. Integrates with Envato's popular ThemeForest, allowing commercial themes to be easily offered, and designers to earn additional revenue. Localization -- Full location functionality allows user to specify their desired language, timezone and currency, and have all pages formatted according to their preferences.

Please take a few minutes to explore Apex, the new modern platform for quality, clean, concise development and eployment of modern online operations.