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Docker Installation

Apex comes with a docker-compose.yml file, making installation via a docker container easy. To start, download Apex with:

composer create-project apex/apex apex
cd apex

Open the docker-compose.yml file, and modify starting at line #45 with your desired mySQL login credentials. Next, login to the shell and start the installation wizard with:

sudo docker-compose up -d
sudo docker-compose exec apex bash

Few notes regarding the installation wizard:

  • If not specified below, leave the field to its default by pressing enter.
  • for domain name, enter ""
  • For the redis host, enter "redis"
  • For the mySQL host, enter "mysql".
  • For mySQL database, you can either choose to auto-generate the database / users, or define the credentials you set within the docker-compose.yml file previously.

That's it! Apex should now be installed, and you can view the administration panel at You will most likely want to install some additional packages, such as for example with:

apex install webapp users transaction support devkit

You may also list all packages available to you with apex list_packages, and search all packages with apex search TERM.