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Integrate Existing Theme

You can easily integrate any HTML / CSS theme available on the internet from places such as ThemeForest. It should generally only take about 30 minutes to integrate an existing theme. To do so, follow the below steps.

  1. In terminal, move to the Apex installation directory, and type ./apex create theme theme_alias
  2. Upload all necessary CSS, Javascript and image files to the /public/themes/theme_alias/ directory.
  3. Slice the main page into a header.tpl and footer.tpl files while removing the actual page contents. Place these files in the /views/themes/theme_alias/sections/ directory.
  4. Within the header.tpl and footer.tpl place the ~theme_uri ~ where needed, generally in the paths to Javascript and CSS files. For example, <script src="~theme_uri~/js/myscript.js" type="text/javascript">
  5. Add the a:nav_menu> HTML tag where needed in place of the navigation menu. If you only want the navigation menu to be displayed to logged in users, use: <a:if ~userid~ != 0> <a:nav_menu> </a:if>
  6. Add <a:page_title textonly="1"> where needed, of course within the <title> tags of the header, then usually once at the bottom of the header.tpl file.
  7. Add the <a:callouts> tag where necessary, generally at the very bottom of the header.tpl file. This will be replaced with any callouts / messages (ie. user submission errors).
  8. Create a file at /views/themes/theme_alias/layouts/default.tpl as necessary. Below shows some example code of what the file may look like.
  9. Modify the files within /components/ sub-directory as needed. Please visit the Themes and Layouts page for details.
  10. Add a screenshot.png file to the /public/themes/THEME_ALIAS? directory, with the size of 300x225px.
  11. Modify the file at /themes/THEME_ALIAS/theme.php, and define the few variables at the top as necessary.

Example Layouts

<a:theme section="header.tpl">


<a:theme section="footer.tpl">

That's it. To activate the theme, open terminal, change to the installation directory and type:

./apex change_theme public THEME_ALIAS

The theme will now be active on the public web site.