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Admin Screenshot

Apex Training - Admin Settings View

Within our /etc/training/package.php file, we defined a Settings->Lottery menu within the administration panel, to allow the administrator to define the daily lottery award. Let's go ahead and develop that menu, so within terminal type:

./apex create view admin/settings/lottery training

This will create two new files at:

  • /views/tpl/admin/settings/lottery.tpl
  • /views/php/admin/settings/lottery.php

.tpl File

Open the new file at /views/tpl/admin/settings/lottery.tpl and enter the following contents:

<h1>Lottery Settings</h1> <a:form> <a:box> <a:box_header name="Settings"> <p>Make any desired changes to the lottery settings below, and submit the form to save the changes.</p> </a:box_header> <a:form_table> <a:ft_amount name="daily_award" value=""> <a:ft_submit value="update" label="Update Lottery Settings"> </a:form_table> </a:box>

This defines a simple page, with one container / panel that contains one form with a single textbox allowing the administrator to define the daily lottery award. As you still notice, the UTI within your web browser when visitng the menu is /admin/settings/lottery, which is the same as the file location on the server. For more information on the .tpl files and speical HTML tags, please visit:

.php file

Every view also has an associated .php file that is executed upon viewing the page. Open the file at /views/php/admin/settings/lottery.php, and enter the following contents:

declare(strict_types = 1);

namespace apex\views;

use apex\app;
use apex\svc\db;
use apex\svc\view;
use apex\svc\debug;

 * All code below this line is automatically executed when this template is viewed, 
 * and used to perform any necessary template specific actions.

// Update settings
if (app::get_action() == 'update') { 

    // Update config
    app::update_config_var('training:daily_award', app::_post('daily_award'));

    // User message
    view::add_callout('Successfully updated general lottery settings');


This is a simple PHP file that simply checks the app::get_action() method to see whether or not the submit button was pressed, and if so, updates the one configuration variable via the app::update_config_var() method.


Before we quickly develop the other two views for the menus we defined, let's first Create the Data Table that will be displayed on those pages.