We're here to do everything in our power to ensure Apex becomes a popular and successful open source software platform, and to do that, we need to ensure the success of your online operation. We're here to help ensure your operation runs smoothly utilizing modern software of a high caliber.

If you have an idea for a project, please drop a message on the Reddit forum, and let us know. All depending, maybe it will get developed for free and open sourced, maybe it will get picked up and released under a commercial license for a small fee, or maybe it will spur additional ideas and conversation making the idea even better. Apex needs your help, please today, and let's get the ball rolling!

If your project idea is picked up, you will see it listed in the below table. If you have any questions or need assistance that is not suitable for Reddit, please e-mail [email protected]

Existing Projects

The below table lists all currently open / active projects.

Title Status Created Description
Multi-Site Management In Development November 17, 2019 Allow new installations to be setup within seconds on a server from scratch, including setup of domain within Nginx / Apache, Postfix / Exim, mySQL, sFTP account, etc. Develop integration for JSON based installs allowing you to define the various packages and themes to install Apex with. Allow all domains to be managed from the administration panel.
Blog In Development November 17, 2019 Standard blogging platform, posts, comments, tags, authors, and all standard blog features. Will also ensure it has proper ACL system allowing for multiple authors to have write access to a single category / post.
Cloudflare Integration In Development November 17, 2019 Integration with the Cloudflare API, allowing for full management of domains and DNS via the administration panel. Will help with the multi-site package and setting up new sites quickly.
Mailchimp Integration In Development November 17, 2019 Integration with the Mailchimp API allowing full mailing list and campaign management including statistics from within the administration panel.

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Recent News

Apex v1.5 Released!
Auto-Install via YAML, Preloading, CRUD Scaffolding, Code ReOrganization, Import / Export between Packages, and more...
Apex v1.4.0 Released!
New Package Format, Service Providers and Adapters, New Theme Tools, and more
Apex v1.3.0 Released!
PHP 7.4, Docker, git Integration, 96.4% Test Coverage, and more!

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