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bitcoin_buysell Bitcoin - Buy / Sell Coins
Allows users to easily buy / sell crypto-currency in exchange for fiat from the company / site owner.
Downloads: 22Rating: N/ALicense: Commercial
bitcoin Bitcoin - Core System
The core functionality that handles all bitcoin / crypto-currency related operations. Required for account management, address generation, and much more.
Downloads: 79Rating: N/ALicense: Commercial
bitcoin_recipients Bitcoin - Extended Recipients
Allow users to send funds to either an already registered user, e-mail address, or via phone via SMS
Downloads: 66Rating: N/ALicense: Commercial
bitcoin_friends Bitcoin - Friends List
Allows users to define a freind list, and specify number of freidn signatures required to conduct sends from their coin accounts. Upon sending, all friends will be notified, and the send will only be broadcast once enough friends have authorized it.
Downloads: 16Rating: N/ALicense: Commercial
bitcoin_hot_wallet Bitcoin - Hot Wallet
Allows for the implementation of a hot wallet within the bitcoin package.
Downloads: 1Rating: N/ALicense: Commercial
bitcoin_mixer Bitcoin - Mixer
Package that allows for the automated mixing of coins. Users deposit coins, which are then mixed and automatically sent back to them using different inputs minus a fee.
Downloads: 3Rating: N/ALicense: Commercial
bitcoin_mnemonic Bitcoin - Mnemonic
Adds mnemoic functionality into wallet creation within the bitcoin packages.
Downloads: 43Rating: N/ALicense: Commercial
bitcoin_paymail Bitcoin - PayMail Integration
Integration with the Bitcoin SV PayMail protocol.
Downloads: 38Rating: N/ALicense: Commercial
bitcoin_secure_wallet Bitcoin - Secure Wallet
Provides additional security for crypto-currency web wallets, including user segreated funds, delayed sends, instant vs. delayed sending, manual phone verification, and more.
Downloads: 68Rating: N/ALicense: Commercial
bitcoin_ws_notifications Bitcoin - Web Socket Notifications
Allows for web socket notifications when various actions occur, such as exchange rate updated and deposit received.
Downloads: 11Rating: N/ALicense: Commercial
cms CMS
The base CMS package, allowing for management of menus, titles / layouts, and placeholders.
Downloads: 160Rating: N/ALicense: Free
cms_dashboard CMS - Dashboards
Allows the administrator to customize and define which widgets are displayed on the dashboards of the omage pages of the administration and members area.
Downloads: 2Rating: N/ALicense: Free
cms_pages CMS - Pages
Allows additional web site pages (public or members area) to be easily administered via the administration panel within the CMS->Pages menu. Used for site administrators who want to manage content of their site, but not edit the .tpl files on their server.
Downloads: 127Rating: N/ALicense: Free
core core
The core package of the framework, and is required for all installations of the software.
Downloads: 0Rating: N/ALicense: Free
core_tests Core Test Suite
All unit tests for the core Apex platform, moved into a separate package for cleanliness and to help keep systems small and nimble.
Downloads: 43Rating: N/ALicense: Free
demo_shop Demo Shop
The demo shop package that was developed in a demonstration video, which you may view at:
Downloads: 0Rating: N/ALicense: Free
devkit Development Toolkit
The development toolkit, which allows developers to to create and manage new packages, plus start and maintain a repository.
Downloads: 209Rating: N/ALicense: Free
digitalocean DigitalOcean

Downloads: 1Rating: N/ALicense: Free
firebase Firebase Push Notifications
Firebase integration that provides communication via Firebase allowing for instant push notifications to mobile apps.
Downloads: 29Rating: N/ALicense: Free
git_test Github Test Package
This package is used for unit testing within Apex, to test the Github integration functionality.
Downloads: 208Rating: N/ALicense: Free
maintenance Maintenance
Adds the Maintenance menu into the administration panel. Should generally be installed on all web apps, except for those where the site administrator is very non-technical and needs a cleaner admin panel.
Downloads: 111Rating: N/ALicense: Free
multi_admins Multiple Administrators
Allows for the creation and management of multiple administrators, including full logging, and ACLs allowing you to define the menus each administrator has access to.
Downloads: 155Rating: N/ALicense: Free
demo Online Demo
Transforms the system into an online demo with needed admin / user account created, and login forms pre-filled.
Downloads: 141Rating: N/ALicense: Free
project_manager Project Manager
Fully featured project management system including multiple teams, projects, issues, wikis, quotes, ease of communication, and all other necessary functionality to easily and efficiently manage team based projects.
Downloads: 7Rating: N/ALicense: Free
qrcode QR Code Generator
Allows you to easily generate and display QR codes with any desired information, and without using a third party such as Google.
Downloads: 15Rating: N/ALicense: Free
rest_api REST API Development Kit
Development kit that allows the easy development of efficient and secure REST APIs.
Downloads: 1Rating: N/ALicense: Free
support Support Center
Fully support ticketing system, plus user-to-user messages supported, among other things.
Downloads: 294Rating: N/ALicense: Free
training training

Downloads: 1Rating: N/ALicense: Free
transaction_coupons Transaction - Coupon Codes
Create and manage coupon codes as administrator, allowing the public to enter said coupon codes on the order forms to receive a special discount.
Downloads: 1Rating: N/ALicense: Free
transaction Transaction System
Handles all transaction and financial data, includes full support for payment processing, multiple currencies, withdrawals, and more.
Downloads: 301Rating: N/ALicense: Free
users User Management
Full user management system including customizable profile fields, user groups, multiple member areas, and much more.
Downloads: 326Rating: N/ALicense: Free
users_pgp Users - PGP Keys and E-Mail Encryption
Allows public PGP keys to be assigned to each user, and creates a new Communicate->Send PGP E-Mail menu.
Downloads: 8Rating: N/ALicense: Free
users_public_profiles Users - Public Profiles
Provides publicly viewable profiles of users at, and includes functionality for things such as user avatars, photo albums, ratings, etc.
Downloads: 24Rating: N/ALicense: Free
users_social_register Users - Social Registration
Allows users to easily login / register via their Facebook or Google accounts instead of filling out a form.
Downloads: 0Rating: N/ALicense: Free
vtest vtest

Downloads: 0Rating: N/ALicense: Free
webapp Web Application
Adds some basic menus into the administration panel, such as the Maintenance and CMS menus. Used for most applications, and is only seperate from the core package to allow for very basic applications with minimal administration panels.
Downloads: 356Rating: N/ALicense: Free

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