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The core functionality that handles all bitcoin / crypto-currency related operations. Required for account management, address generation, and much more.

Package: Bitcoin - Core System (bitcoin)
Author: Apex (apex)
Version: v1.0.18
License: Commercial
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Date Created: September 23, 2019 at 04:41
Last Modified: March 30, 2021 at 08:03


To install this package, within terminal change to the Apex installation directory, and type:

php apex.php install bitcoin

Bitcoin Web Wallet

This is the full commercial version of the Envrin Web Wallet at (,) now made open source, with online demo of the admin panel available at ( Fully featured and quality web wallet that supports the following features:

  • BIP32 multi-signature wallets secured via AES256
  • One master wallet password, or each user receives their own segregated BIP32 wallet.
  • Multiple currencies including all bitcoin derivatives (LiteCoin, PeerCoin, etc.)
  • Supports multiple fiat currencies, and rates showing in the user's currency preference.
  • Optional ability for users to buy / sell coins with fiat from your site / company, while you charge a fee.
  • Ability to send funds to payment address, e-mail address, and phone number bia SMS.
  • Automated updates of current rates using the CoinMarketCap API.
  • All the excellent features of the base APex platform such as user management, transaction and payment processing, support ticketing, and more.

Happy to develop more and keep this project going, such as merchant services gateway, traditional exchange, P2P exchange ala Localbitcoins, marketplace, coin mixer, and others. If you'd like to see additional bitcoin / crypto-currency packages from Apex, please donate to: 3BzATZd1Gk8ten8L46n1bCqNkCrp32jv7Y

If you're a develoepr, it's an open source project, so please feel free to jump in and help contribute. You can ping me anytime via e-mail at [email protected]


Installation is quite simple, although does require a Bitcoin Core node, even if it's pruned at 550MB (see below). To install, first complete a base installation of Apex using one of the below links.

Once the base installation is complete, install the various packages including the Bitcoin Web Wallet with:

./apex install webapp users transaction support bitcoin bitcoin_buysell bitcoin_recipients bitcoin_secure_wallet bitcoin_friends

Next, visit the administration panel in your web browser and goto the Users->Create New User, and create one user which will act as the company / site wallet.

Now goto the Settings->Crypto-Currency menu to run first time setup on the web wallet package. Upon completion, within the same menu click on the "Currencies" link, manage the one Bitcoin currency row you see in the table, and on the next page enter the RPC settings for your Bitcoin Core node.

That's it! Within the Crypto->Company Funds menu for example, you can now generate payment addresses, deposit funds, send funds, etc. Your users can also now register and login from the public web site, and have full web wallet functionality, the ability to buy / sell coins with fiat, and more.

Bitcoin Core node

No funds are stored within the wallet.dat file, but the node is used to monitor the blockchain for incoming txs. You must first setup your own node by downloading Bitcoin Core from (, and you may prune it to 500MB, so within your bitcoin.conf file you can have for example:

walletnotify=/usr/bin/php /path/to/apex/src/bitcoin/receive_tx.php BTC %s

Please take note of the last "walletnotify=" line, and ensure it points to the /src/bitcoin/receive_tx.php script on your server correctly. This is how the software will track incoming deposits.


All contributions greatly appreciated. If you'd like to see more bitcoin / crypto-currency related packages developed and open sourced, please dnoate via BTC to: 3BzATZd1Gk8ten8L46n1bCqNkCrp32jv7Y

If you're a developer yourself, please jump in and help contribute. Apex is opwn source and fully documented, and I can be reached anytime via e-mail at [email protected]

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