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Fully featured project management system including multiple teams, projects, issues, wikis, quotes, ease of communication, and all other necessary functionality to easily and efficiently manage team based projects.

Package: Project Manager (project_manager)
Author: Apex (apex)
Version: v1.0.2
License: Free
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Date Created: August 29, 2020 at 01:16
Last Modified: September 7, 2020 at 15:29


To install this package, within terminal change to the Apex installation directory, and type:

php apex.php install project_manager

Project Manager

This is a general purpose project management system that allows for the efficient and fully featured management of projects, issues, teams, quotes, proposals, RFPs, RFCs, and a fully functional wiki with access level controls. Excellent for:

  • Simple yet efficient project trackingg across a teamm including issues, internal conversation threads, downloadable files, line items, and more.
  • Allow users to request quotes from your company, which can easily be opened as a project.
  • Allow users to submit RFPs (request for proposals), allowing outside vendors / suppliers to submit bids for the project.
  • Submit RFCs (request for comments) to solicit comments and feedback from users regarding various ideas / policies / projects, or whatever you need.
  • Fully functional wiki with access level controls, ensuring all necessary team members always have access to the necessary documentation.

Online Demo

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Getting Started
  3. Entity Types
  4. Wiki
  5. Public Pages


Upon logging into the administration panel, within the left hand navigation side bar you will see a "Projects" header with three menus underneath it -- "Manage', "Create" and "wiki". These should be fairly straight forward and do exactly that -- allow you to manage and create all various entities within the project manager, plus manage the wiki.

You may create users via the Users->Create New User menu of the administration panel, which you can then use to login to the member's area at Upon logging in, you will also see simliar project manager menus allowing users to manage all projects, RFPs, RFCs, quotes, proposals and other aspects that they have access to.

A few important notes regarding the system.

  • You should only use the administration panel to do just that -- administer / oversee the projects and issues, plus create any new projects, RFPS, RFCs, and wiki collections. If you are actively participating, you should create yourself a user account and do so through the member's area. For example, you can not assign an administrator to a project, issue, or conversation, and instead can only assign user accounts.
  • All text areas within the project manager system fully support markdown format. For a quick reference guide on markdown format, please see: Markdown Cheatsheet
  • If you wish to remove any menus from the member's area as they are not needed for your system, you may do so through the *CMS->Menus menu of the administration panle.
  • You most likely will want to visit the Settings->General menu, Site Info tab of the administration panel, and update the necessary fields with your own information to get all references to Apex out of the site.
  • All outgoing e-mail notifications can be easily modified via the Settings-gt;Notifications* menu of the administration panel.
  • New users can register themselves via the page, but if you wish to require administrator approval for all new registration, you may do so though the Settings->Users->General menu of the administration panel.

Getting Started

For a quick crash course to get up and running as quickly as login to the administration panel, and follow the below steps:

  1. Users-&Create New User menu, and create a few users who will be the people working on the various projects.
  2. Manage->Teams menu, define at least one team, and assing several users to it.
  3. Create->Create Project menu, and create a new project. Select the team you previously created as the team for this project.
  4. Upon managing the project, you can now create new conversations, add messages and issues, upload new files, and more.
  5. Login to the member's area with one of the team user accounts, and you will see the dashboard that shows the open project on their account, and any open issues.

Entity Types

There are several different entity types supported by the project management system, as explained below.

Type Description
Teams You can group multiple users into a team for simplicity sake. When creating a new project, instead of having to specify the individual users to assign to the project, you can simply select the desired team and all users of that team will be assigned to the project.
Project The actual projects being completed, which can be of any and all types. Projects can be assigned to multiple teams / users, and can contain line items, issues that are assigned to desired team members, uploaded files, internal conversation threads, wiki collections / pages, and more.
Issue Contained within projects, anyone assigned to the prject may open an issue on it. Issues are any pending work / task that is awaiting completion, or anything that needs to be looked int, and can contain their own personalized conversation thread, uploaded files, and more.
Quotes When a user wants your company / organization to complete some work, they will request a quote from within the member's area. Pending quotes are only seen by you the administrator, and upon responding with a dollar amount or number of hours, the user can then either approve or decline the quote. If approved, it will appear within the administration panel with a status of Pending Open at which time you can instantly open a new project using the details of the quote, and assign it to the desired team / users.
RFPs Stands for Request for Proposals, and is when you or a user wish to have work completed, but wish to allow vendors / suppliers to submit proposals and bids, then select the desired proposal. Open RFPs can be viewd by useres within the member's area, and public site if you select the RFP to the public, from where they may submit proposals.
Proposals When a user submits a proposal to an RFP, which can then be approved or declined by the person who created the RFP. Each proposal consists of its own internal conversation thread, uploaded files, and more.
RFCs Stands for Request for Comments, and is used when your company / organization wishes to implememt a mew project / policy / idea, but before doing so, would like to receive feedback and ideas from the users at large before making implementation decisions. Upon creating a new RFC, users can provide their comments / feedback via the member's area or public site if the RFC is made public, including uploaded files. Upon the self defined deadline being reached, you may issue a final comment to the RFC to inform the users what decisions have been reached, and how the new project / program will move forward.



The public wiki can be found at The wiki consists of multiple collections of pages / odcuments, which you may define via the *Wiki->Collections menu of the administration panel. Each collections consists of an alias, which is then part of the URI, so for example, if you create a collection with the alias "project-abc", the wiki for that collection can be found at Each collection can also be assigned to different users / teams, and anyone else trying to view that collection will receive an error ensuring only those necessary have access to the documenation.

Public Pages

Although installation does not actively add new menus to the navigation menu of the public web site, there are various publicly available pages included in this package. If dsired, you may add them to your public site navigation menu via the CMS->Menus menu of your administration panel. They are:

  • -- The public wiki.
  • -- Any open projects that were marked as public during creation.
  • - Any optn RFPs that were marked as public during creation.
  • - Any RFCs that were marked as public during creation.

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